Global influencer marketing analytics software InfluencerDB has announced its new requested Campaigns feature, which allows brands to manage and analyse their influencer campaigns from beginning to end all in one place. The feature gives users a complete overview of all active and completed campaigns in order to help brands make better data-driven decisions for future influencer marketing activities. All relevant information will be available to view in one comprehensive dashboard with multiple facets that help teams collaborate, streamline workloads, and make educated decisions. For example, users can see the actual impact of an influencer campaign as well as identify the best performing collaboration partners from each campaign.

Feature overview

In order to keep on top of things, brands can access a Campaign dashboard, where you can search for past and present campaigns by name and tags, with summaries including budget tracking, campaign tags, and campaign schedules.  

Another element of the feature includes the Campaign manager, where you can keep campaign budgets under control, customise your pipeline, and track campaign budgets. In addition, the influencer deal page offers a simple view of important details of the partnership so you never lose track of your collaboration partners. At the end of each campaign, brands will be able to see an aggregated breakdown of their campaign’s performance. Brands can use the Campaign reporting page to follow metrics for individual collaboration partners and calculate the ROI and cost-per-click with auto-generated tracking links, to name a few.

A crucial step

The launch was the next logical step for InfluencerDB, which aims to make influencer marketing simple, transparent and data-driven. The tool will take the guesswork out of influencer marketing, making it easier for brands to manage their workload. “Campaigns is an essential and crucial step when it comes to executing effective influencer marketing campaigns. What we are aiming to down with Campaigns is to fully integrate the users’ workflow with the InfluencerDB software We wanted Campaigns to deliver a complete solution from the discovery of influencers, all the way to reporting the performance of these influencers,”  said Dan Anisse, VP of product at InfluencerDB.
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