Fashion models are the new generation of social influence and are indeed aspirational. With over 1 billion active users on Instagram, it’s no surprise that the social media giant receives a constant stream of daily media content, however, with such an intense growing media wave, users often struggle to reach their ideal audience and indeed generate sufficient engagement, which is especially an issue for brands wishing to collaborate with influencers. Consequently, with the array of fake influencers who are constantly arising on the platform, fashion models offer brands a fresh perspective as the new Instagram influencers 2.0 and are indeed the new power publishers on social media.  

Industry credibility

Surrounded by daily inspiration, fashion models are at the forefront of industry knowledge and fashion trends. This unique insight allows their followers to seamlessly engage with their content as they share their career journey, product recommendations and brand experiences.However, they are also so much more than just a pretty face and understand that Instagram has provided them with a new, powerful tool that enables them to showcase their personalities with the rest of the world. This communication and clear understanding consequently allow their followers to better engage with their journey, because they share their organic, real lives with their community who are predominantly interested in their career and personal lives.One of the big issues of influencer marketing within today’s digital generation is finding the right influencers and quality of content which brands and consumers can both resonate with. Because of their industry experience, however, fashion models are already pre-vetted influencers and constantly create a wave of quality content, inspired by the creativity around them. As a result of this interaction with industry professionals, models are better able to showcase truly organic influence, especially compared to your regular ‘blogger’ who tend to not follow the best practice and are even found guilty of recycling content on a daily basis.

Instagram is their digital portfolio

Social media has turned fashion models into powerful digital creators, some of whom have far larger audiences than brands or traditional publishers. Born with a mobile-first mindset, today’s generation of fashion models understand that Instagram had quickly become their portfolio playground and allows them to amplify their identity on an international scale.The social media platform provides an array of new opportunities for fashion models specifically. For example, many models are scouted on Instagram for campaigns, editorials and collaborative work through their profiles. Agencies have even created profiles specifically tailored for scouting new faces, advancing their chances of discovering international models who already understand the power of visual content. Because of these benefits, fashion models are increasingly Instagram savvy and follow the best practices in order to best increase their engagement and grow their digital community. “Instagram’s technology has allowed models to discover a seamless content experience, where they have to simply document their daily lives,” said Quentin Renard, the co-founder and talent director of Model Village; “They are now able to take control of their image online, building a stronger relationship with their audience who are now able to see what happens behind the scenes. This provides great opportunities for brands that are constantly looking to collaborate with professional talent.”

Changing the game

Therefore, because of their industry credibility and authentic interaction, fashion models are a key influencer type who are leading the way for social influence on Instagram. As their followers engage with the “uber-ization” of organic content consumption, the rise of models as content creators or modern publishers is quickly changing the game and increasing industry standards.Although supermodels with super-sized social media followings are not new, it’s the generation of micro-influencers and true talent that will ultimately pave the parameters of the influencer marketing space and continue to transform this ever-changing market.

Photo: @arielhimbeault captured by photographer @milianeyes

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