Influencer marketing platform Tribe has launched Content Campaigns, offering marketers on-demand content from its tribe of creative influencers. Clients can access a range of content creators who can essentially create their marketing campaigns for them. Tribe’s Content Campaigns presents branded images and videos created by influencers and delivered to clients, rather than being posted to their social audiences to keep up with the demands of their digital advertising. Brands upload a brief to which premium hand-picked creators submit content. Similar to a stock image library, once a brand approves the content, they have full license to use it in their ad campaigns as well as across their own channels. Content can be put to use in various ways, from socials, paid advertising, print, e-books and out of home, to name a few.

This differs from Tribe’s Influencer Marketing Campaign, where brands upload a brief, influencers submit content and then brands approve the content they like, which influencers then publish on their own social accounts. “The traditional methods of content production still work,” said Jules Lund, founder of Tribe; “However, many of our clients have a need for a more cost-effective way to generate larger volumes of content within days.”Not only can brands increase their budgets but the 50,000-strong community of creatives can “unlock an entirely new revenue stream.”
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