Facebook has officially rolled out its a branded content managing search engine tool, known as Brand Collabs Manager, allowing advertisers to select content creators based on their unique audiences.

Following leaked screenshots of the product last month, the search engine manager aims to connect brands and influencers for more authentic ad content in which creators can monetise their work and fan base.

In addition, advertisers can browse different influencers that fits them, based on the demographics of their audience and portfolios of their past sponsored content.

Brands can also find creators based on the top countries where they’re popular in addition to audience characteristics such as interests, gender, education, relationship status, life events or homeownership.

Monetising opportunities

Along with the launch of Brands Collabs Manager, Facebook also announced several monetising opportunities via its platform for brands and influencers.

These include auto-play video ads which will be placed in Facebook Messenger conversations, offering advertisers a new way to reach users.

Another monetising option was Ad Breaks for US-based influencers who make longer and original content with their audience.

Other options confirmed include patreon-style subscriptions, letting creators charge a small fee for users each month for access to exclusive content, Top Fan Badges that highlights creators’ most engaged fans and Rights Manager, which was previously available to publishers only, creators can now upload video content in which Facebook can fingerprint and block other parties from uploading similar content.

Facebook has also rolled out its Creator app globally to Android users, following its launch to iOS users in November. The app lets creators add intros and outros to Live broadcasts, cross-post content to Twitter and Instagram and see a unified inbox of their Facebook and Instagram comments plus Messenger chats.

Facebook Watch which was launched last August and allows influencers to host original video content where the partners receive 55% of mid-roll ad break revenue is set to expand to wider formats and creators in the coming months.

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