Finder: Championing Financial Education for our Children’s Future

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Finder: Championing Financial Education for our Children’s Future

Finder and GoHenry collaborated to address the alarming gap in financial education among British youth. Their shared mission to empower families led to a groundbreaking partnership aimed at equipping children with vital financial knowledge and skills.

With statistics revealing the adverse effects of lacking financial education, Finder took action to champion change. By teaming up with GoHenry, they embarked on a journey to provide parents and children with the tools needed to navigate the complexities of finance confidently.

Through strategic collaboration and a commitment to promoting financial literacy, Finder and GoHenry have laid the foundation for a more financially informed future. This campaign exemplifies their dedication to making a positive impact on society by fostering financial education at an early age, earning them recognition in the Partnership for Good category.

Judges Comments

“Stunning partnership with unique, first-of-its-kind video content. Bravo!”

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