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LTK Marketplace

A groundbreaking innovation in the partnerships space, LTK Marketplace’s two-way, brand-to-creator connection impressed our judges and, already, is driving immense growth for brands and creators.

The platform's launch in late 2023 marked a pivotal moment, offering brands and creators a seamless and intuitive interface to collaborate on partnership opportunities. Unlike traditional models, LTK Marketplace facilitates direct communication between brands and creators, streamlining the campaign submission and selection process.

This innovative platform has already yielded impressive results, with brand-creator campaigns experiencing a remarkable 300% growth within the first month. By empowering brands to easily discover and engage with premier lifestyle creators, LTK Marketplace has redefined the influencer marketing paradigm.

With brands investing over $2.7B in LTK Creators, the platform's impact on the industry is undeniable, making it a stand-out entry in this category.

Judges Comments

“I love the idea of an influencer marketplace and especially available in the affiliate ecosystem. I can see this marketplace especially benefitting brands.”

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