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/0:13 Discovery and CRM Suite's Discovery and CRM Suite has had a transformative impact on partnership management. By addressing the bottleneck of partner discovery and recruitment, has vastly improved the landscape for partnership teams.

The Extended Search and Prospect CRM features enable brands to rapidly expand their partnership programmes, driving revenue growth and diversifying partner portfolios. Through automated partner discovery and unified CRM functionalities, brands can efficiently nurture relationships, enhance engagement, and boost recruitment performance.

This technology not only accelerates revenue growth but also saves valuable time by streamlining discovery efforts into a single, cohesive platform. By providing brands with the tools to scale partnerships effectively and efficiently,'s Discovery and CRM Suite exemplifies excellence in empowering brands to maximise the potential of their partnership programmes.

Judges Comments

“The advanced use of AI to automate workflows makes Impact a leader in innovation and technology, placing them ahead of competitors.”

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