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Urban Outfitters & Rakuten Advertising turn affiliate into a massive growth engine in 2023

The partnership between Urban Outfitters and Rakuten Advertising showcased unparalleled innovation and resilience amidst the challenges of 2023. Eschewing a defensive stance, the duo embarked on a bold strategy to transform the affiliate channel into a formidable growth engine.

Their comprehensive programme targeted new, lapsed, and existing customers across all stages of the buyer journey. Leveraging powerful creator-led initiatives on platforms like YouTube and Mavely, they maximised influencer impact while conducting extensive testing to refine messaging and offers.

Utilising Rakuten Advertising's Audience Engine solution, they deployed precise targeting and personalised messaging programmes, complemented by successful sales strategies through CLO leader Cartera. The results spoke volumes, with Urban Outfitters and Rakuten Advertising surpassing all targets by over 100%, elevating the strategic significance of the affiliate channel in the brand's go-to-market approach.

Their exceptional performance in driving outstanding growth amidst adversity secured a well-deserved win in the Best Retail Partnership category.

Judges Comments

“The epitome of a successful affiliate campaign. The results speak for themselves, but the strategy that comprised of true partner diversification showed the talent of the team.”

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