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UpSellit x Puritan's Pride

Since 2013, UpSellit has partnered with Puritan’s Pride, a leading nutritional supplement brand, to optimise conversion rates and enhance the e-commerce experience. Their strategic alignment focuses on recovering abandoned shoppers and elevating customer acquisition through personalised solutions. UpSellit's acute understanding of the customer journey enables them to identify and address gaps, delivering exceptional shopping experiences.

Through data-driven insights and collaborative efforts, UpSellit continuously optimises Puritan’s Pride's campaigns. Their rigorous testing and comprehensive reporting ensure maximum impact on goals. With an average campaign conversion rate of 16.50% and a 42.12% revenue increase during the eligibility period, UpSellit's dedication to innovation and performance sets a new standard for success in data-driven partnership campaigns.

UpSellit's commitment extends to ongoing collaboration, experimentation, and optimisation, providing Puritan's Pride with valuable insights and facilitating informed real-time business decisions. Through strategic evaluation and continuous improvement, UpSellit has demonstrated unparalleled expertise in driving results and delivering exceptional value to its partners.

Judges Comments

“What I love about this campaign is the segmentation of the audience and having different solutions based on that, it’s a great strategy to succeed!"

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