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Best Full-Funnel Strategy: Carat x SharkNinja x

Carat, a dentsu agency, joined forces with Ninja and content partner to orchestrate an unparalleled full-funnel strategy, featuring a groundbreaking Trademark Plus (TM+) campaign by a content publisher. 

The campaign's objective was to seamlessly integrate Ninja products into every stage of the customer journey, from awareness to consideration to conversion.'s bespoke content, showcasing Ninja products, played a pivotal role, augmented by targeted paid ads across social and search channels. 

This collaborative effort yielded a highly successful full-funnel, cross-channel campaign, marking a milestone in strategic partnership execution. The innovative approach not only amplified brand visibility but also facilitated deeper engagement with consumers, driving meaningful interactions at each stage of the purchasing process. The campaign's holistic strategy and impactful execution exemplify the power of collaboration in achieving marketing excellence.

Judges Comments

“I enjoyed the creativity of this campaign, and that they took advantage of getting in front of their audience at all stages of the purchase cycle - a true demonstration of how this category should work.”

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