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Rollin' in ROI: Tombras and RealTruck's Affiliate Adventure!

RealTruck, the premier independent e-commerce platform for trucks, Jeep®, and off-road accessories in North America, partnered with Tombras to revolutionise its affiliate strategy amidst formidable industry challenges. 

With significant hurdles like record Fed interest rate hikes, semiconductor shortages, and fuel price spikes, RealTruck faced unprecedented risk to its profit and revenue growth. The aftermarket truck retail sector saw a staggering decline of -76% in 2023, as reported by SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association), making the situation even more daunting. Tombras assumed control in 2022, recognising the urgent need for diverse partnerships, especially with content creators and publishers. 

Their strategic efforts initiated a remarkable expansion in 2023, onboarding numerous new partners. This strategic approach yielded outstanding results, driving a $10 million surge in total e-commerce revenue year-over-year. Impressively, $4 million of this increase was attributed directly to the affiliate channel, showcasing the efficacy of Tombras' innovative strategies and collaborations in navigating RealTruck through turbulent times and reshaping its affiliate landscape.

Judges Comments

“The really impressive results of this campaign showcase the work put in paid off, blowing expectations out of the water - really exciting work!”

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