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JD Sports & Rakuten Advertising | Leveraging Sneakerhead Community to Boost Authenticity

For over five years, JD Sports and Rakuten Advertising have prioritised affiliate marketing to foster brand awareness and equity. This year, their focus was on engaging sneakerheads authentically, catering to their passion for athletic footwear. Leveraging full-funnel partnership initiatives, they amplified JD Sports' identity and ON Running sub-brand, targeting trend-leading segments like Gen Z and diverse communities.

As a challenger brand in the US market, they differentiated themselves by emphasising inclusivity and authenticity. Collaborating with underrepresented creators and integrating with leading BNPL partners, Rakuten enriched brand experiences and drove significant YoY incremental sales growth. Special events, UGC development, and regional retail activations further strengthened JD Sports’ brand presence and community engagement.

Through their strategic approach, Rakuten not only boosted sales but also empowered emerging creators and simplified access to the latest styles for the next generation of consumers, earning recognition for outstanding brand engagement.

Judges Comments

“In a category as saturated as athletic wear in the US, it was very smart to target niche, diverse, and young audiences to build loyalty. I especially appreciated the amplified exposure for the creators!”

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