Have you been experiencing any anomalies or issues with your tracking?

It could be the result of a recent Shopify update.

Last week, reports from affiliates circulated that they were encountering difficulties with tracking – specifically, receiving incorrect order reference numbers.

John Coulson, Affiliate Marketing Consultant & Content Creator, told Hello Partner, "Since March 12th, we've been seeing some incorrect order references appearing in Awin, as well as one or two duplicate transactions. I'd urge other merchants integrated via the Shopify app to check their transaction reports."

We reached out to Awin and Adam Weiss, President, North America, responded, “We're aware that after the latest Shopify update there were potentially some issues that arose. Awin and ShareASale are prioritizing understanding this to see if and how our customers may be affected so we can ensure frictionless service and support.” 

He concluded that he would share any updates after the team had conducted a thorough review and mitigated any potential customer concerns. 

So, if this has been negatively impacting you, don’t worry. Hopefully, these issues will smooth out soon.

It’s not yet known if other platforms have been affected by this. If you've been experiencing any anomalies or problems distinct to those listed above, feel free to get in touch: sol.wilkinson@hellopartner.com

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