TikTok has revealed a new LIVE Subscription perk for creators on the platform, Subscriber-Only Videos, as part of its ongoing efforts to build “diversified creator monetisation opportunities to support creators.”

Subscriber-Only Videos are exclusive videos that only subscribers of a creator can view. The new perk encourages subscribers to like, comment, and reply to one another, helping creators to build a strong community and authentic connections with them.

In a statement from TikTok, it shared that the new feature was part of its plans “to help creators cultivate deeper connections with their global community and get rewarded for their creativity.”

As well as the interactions beyond the LIVE room, creators will also have a new opportunity to start earning more through the feature. When LIVE Subscription was launched last year as a monthly subscription feature on TikTok LIVE, users were able to show their appreciation for their favourite creators.

The gifts option also gave creators the opportunity to increase their earnings on the app, with subscribers gaining access to the exclusive benefits defined by the creator, including Subscriber Badges, Subscriber-Only LIVEs, Custom Emotes, and Subscriber-Only Chats. Now with the introduction of Subscriber-Only Videos, creativity is encouraged for creators to boost their earning opportunities whilst building their audience.

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