Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, has given an insight into how the algorithm works across Instagram for each part of the app.

In summary, each part of the Instagram app uses its own algorithm, and Mosseri has shared details on each section, including the Feed, Stories, Explore, Reels, Search, and more.

We’ve got the full breakdown of what you need to know below, so now you can finally understand why certain posts appear on our feeds while others don't, and how you can push your posts towards the top.

But... why now?

Before we dive in, we must ask “Why now, Instagram?” Well, as Mosseri explains in a blog post, Instagram believes in empowering people and creators, and it also believes transparency is key to achieving that.

With these new insights, brands, creators, and users of the platform have now got a better understanding of the content ranking and moderation of Instagram, which gives its users more control over their experience on the app.

With this understanding, brands and creators can effectively reach their target audience and drive more impact.

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