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Utilising User-Generated Content to Promote Online Learning

learndirect Digital Group found success in utilising user-generated content to promote online learning by using a TikTok strategy to connect with customers and bring in leads.

Through user-generated content, the company attracted varying demographics to a range of course subjects, including nursing, midwifery, and dog grooming. The use of real people and real-life situations in the content helped to drive awareness of the brand and disrupt the education space in a creative way.

Despite the challenges of working virtually across regions in the UK, the team produced a campaign that made a significant impact on business growth.

Judges Comments

“This was a great use of an up-and-coming channel, and an excellent TikTok campaign. It also had a good use of test budgets and personas with great ROAS”

The Best Lead Generation Campaign was sponsored by Leadscale

The Performance Marketing Awards 2023 was held in association with Blue Light Card

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