Global Head of Creator Community for Youtube Shorts, Tiffany Matloob, is firmly cemented as a passionate pioneer in the creator economy. With a wealth of knowledge and excitement for the future of the creator space under her belt, Matloob captivated PI LIVE attendees during her session ‘Unlocking The Power of The Creator Community’.

As short-form video gains popularity, an increasing number of content creators are taking advantage of this compact format to expand their reach and foster a sense of community. Matloob was able to discuss strategies for nurturing a community that supports and elevates creators, enabling them to educate and inspire others.

Hello Partner caught up with Matloob after the show to learn more about what she hoped attendees would take away from her session, YouTube’s plans for creator investment, and her highlights from the event.

What was your personal highlight from your time at PI LIVE Miami?

As a professional in the field, staying informed about the latest trends is a crucial aspect of my job. Attending PI LIVE Miami was an exceptional opportunity for me to gain valuable insights into advancements in the digital marketing and creator space, as well as network with fellow professionals in the industry.

I had the honour of attending Ryan Detert's keynote speech and engaging with him during the weekend. During our discussion, we explored the potency of "hometown heroes" – creators who have significant relevance in local markets and/or niche communities. Although their external vanity metrics may not be the largest, partnering with them often results in a greater ROI due to the high level of dedication from their localised audiences.

These interactions, where I can share my perspectives and knowledge with the brightest minds in the industry and brainstorm innovative ways to amplify the communities we serve, inspire me to continually innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible. I left PI LIVE with a rekindled passion for the work I do as I explore new ways of bringing value to the creators we partner with on YouTube Shorts.

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