Influencer marketing has become a crucial part of many brands' marketing strategies. However, the traditional metrics of success, such as clicks and conversions, do not always accurately capture the full value that creators can bring to a brand's campaign. This is where the concept of the ‘halo effect’ comes in.

According to General Manager of Collective Voice and ShopStyle, Lindsay Jerutis, the halo effect of creator marketing is the “additional value that a creator activation can bring beyond a simple click or conversion.”

For example, a follower may come across a creator's affiliate link for a product but decide not to make a purchase at that moment. However, they may later see an advertisement for the same product or come across it organically and be reminded of the creator's post, ultimately leading to a purchase. The creator's content, therefore, played an important role in the overall customer journey and influenced the purchase decision, even if the final purchase was not made directly through the affiliate link.

How to use the halo effect to your advantage

To fully leverage the halo effect of creator marketing, brands must move beyond traditional KPIs and think about creator marketing strategies more holistically. Brands must think about how to quantify the value that creator investments bring beyond just a sale or a click and measure the creator's place in the larger customer journey. Jerutis believes that by identifying the right creator partners and building longer-term relationships with them, brands can integrate creators into different campaign strategies and strengthen their relationship to ensure their voice is amplified.

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