It was on a beautiful day in Brighton this week that we saw nearly 1,000 people from the affiliate marketing industry convene at the iconic Brighton Dome venue for Affiliate Huddle 2023. Quickly, the building became a buzzing hive of affiliate discussion and electric debate.

Many things have changed over the past 12 months, and these shifting tides coloured much of the conversation. Not to mention the quality of weather – gorgeous sunshine this year, which made a pleasant difference to last year’s torrential rain.

The predominant feeling was that of an industry reaching a crossroads, or new level, and working out the best way to manoeuver this progressive step. Many developments are happening at once, which are preparing to launch the space into utterly unfamiliar territory.

Below, we’ve recapped the biggest takeaways from Affiliate Huddle 2023; the recurring themes and topics which provided the most food-for-thought on the future of affiliate marketing.

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