With the future of TikTok appearing unstable, Instagram is bolstering its tools to cement itself in the social video space.

This week, the Meta-owned platform has introduced several enhancements to its Reels function, which aims to assist creators in producing content that will go viral, and also boost their income.

One of the notable improvements is the new ‘trends’ segment, which provides a dedicated space for creators to explore up-and-coming content concepts. The feature presents the top trending songs and hashtags on Reels, including the number of times the audio has been used. By experimenting with this feature, creators can gain insights into what type of content is resonating with Instagram’s most active users.

To improve ease of use for creators, Instagram has updated its Reels editing process, which now merges video clips, audio, stickers, and text on a unified editing screen. With this new feature, creators can easily align and time elements of their reels to the right moments, creating a more visually appealing result. This function is expected to save creators time and effort when creating content, allowing them to focus on producing engaging Reels.

Gaining new insights

To enhance the way that creators can track the performance of their content, the Reels Insights feature will now provide users with two new metrics to better understand their audience engagement. Total watch time and average watch time are new measurement features that give creators an insight into the total amount of time their reels were played and the average time spent watching each Reel. These metrics are important to help creators determine the effectiveness of their content and how to improve it in the future.

Instagram has also expanded its Gifts feature to more countries, enabling creators to recognise their supporters by tapping the heart icon next to their names. This feature is expected to strengthen the bond between creators and their viewers, leading to more engagement and revenue opportunities.

Ultimately, Instagram's new features are designed to empower creators to not only express their creativity and connect with their audiences, but also to earn a living. Especially with the future of TikTok on the line, Instagram’s latest enhancements could be the key to unlocking long-term stability for creators in the future.

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