Join us on 12th April from 2pm-3pm GMT to steer your influencer marketing budget in the right direction.

As the creator economy grows, so do the multitude of ways to compensate creators to produce content for your brand. Whether you’re investing in long-term loyalty partnerships or pay-per-post quick wins, how can you ensure that you’re putting intention at the heart of spend?

Having skyrocketed to a value of $16.4 billion in 2022, the impact that influencer marketing has had on the marketing landscape as a whole is phenomenal. Whether your goal is brand awareness, product sales, or community building, the channel has enormous potential to deliver.

But what are the specific areas in which you, as a brand, should be focussing your spend to achieve your goals?

This webinar will benefit brands and retailers, as well as those working agency-side who are looking to bolster their strategies. Attendees will learn about the following:

  • Brands' favourite ways to work with and pay creators, from working on an affiliate model to gifting.
  • Agency insight into the monetisation avenues that are gaining attention, from pay-to-play to long-term contractual partnerships.
  • The influencer marketing avenues that aren’t worth your investment.

Webinar date: Wednesday 12th April, 2pm-3pm GMT.

Want to take a seat on one of Hello Partner’s upcoming webinars? Reach out to our media sales manager at who can shed light on our topic outlines for the year.

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