Trend cycles come and go, and with many, you can blink, and it was like it never happened. The trend in question – content creator houses.

In their prime, creator houses seemed like a natural strategy for social media marketing: it was the only physical way to bring influencers together under one roof to collaborate and grow their audiences exponentially.

The basic premise tends to start with an agency, which would rent a luxury property for their content creators to live in free of charge. Then came the catch: the creator housemates would promise to hit a quota with the content produced during the time spent there.

It seemed like a win-win: The creators would benefit from being able to work directly with peers in the same field. And the brand could guarantee content from multiple creators to reach new audiences.

The Wave House, Sway House, Hype House and many more attracted a vast amount of attention following their launches, but the excitement appeared to be short-lived, as the content house trend is no longer ‘trending’.  

Have creator houses completely disappeared?

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