As each week goes by, we see new updates from Meta on the tools that are being introduced across its platforms to entice creators and elevate their content. With a confirmed plan to push Reels content across Facebook and Instagram, this week, Meta has released brand new updates that shine a bright light on its video content offering.

‘Add Yours’ sticker

Meta’s ‘Add Yours’ sticker feature was introduced for use on Instagram stories last November. Now, creators can attach the ‘Ad Yours’ sticker to their Reels, as well as to stories that last just 24 hours, as a way to share content with their followers and to discover new accounts to follow.

When you apply the ‘Add Yours’ sticker to your Reels, users will see other Reels that have been posted under this topic. For example, if you share a Reel of your make-up routine, and apply an ‘Add Yours’ sticker encouraging others to share Reels of their make-up routine too, all Reels in response to this prompt will appear in one place. This is a great tool for creator and content discovery.

Reels cross-posting

In order to encourage community building across both Facebook and Instagram, Meta has introduced the ability to share Reels seamlessly across both platforms. By making the process of sharing Reels across multiple platforms easier, more creators will feel encouraged to do so. Not only will this be beneficial for creators who want to expand their viewership, but Meta will also be heading closer toward its goal of encouraging as many users as possible to utilise Reels.

Autogenerated Reels

In a feature unique to Facebook, creators will now be able to choose to compile their stories together to make a Reel. Not only does this present an opportunity for creators and casual Facebook users to keep all of their memories in one place, but for creators who want to generate more content and want a quick and easy way to do so, this is the perfect solution.

Meta has also detailed three further feature releases that we can expect to see rolling out on our feeds imminently.

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