Today, coinciding with the government’s publication of its response to the Influencer Inquiry Report, the Influencer Marketing Trade Body (IMTB) launches its brand new regulatory advice service, REASSURE.

The service, which is exclusive to IMTB members, will allow members to benefit from one-to-one telephone consultations with Hashtag Ad Consulting, the leading legal and regulatory compliance consultancy.

Aligning with the areas of law and guidance that are expected to be underscored by the government, regulatory advice covered under the REASSURE service will include:

  • Advertising disclosure rules for creators across platforms and jurisdictions
  • Consumer protection legislation – rules affecting marketing and advertising communications
  • Prize draws, competitions, and promotion requirements –  along with their terms and conditions
  • Crypto currencies and crypto assets
  • Protecting the young and vulnerable
  • Green Claims Code adherence

IMTBs Director General, Scott Guthrie, is passionate about driving change in regards to the regulatory rules of influencer marketing. He says:

“2022 is the year of regulatory and legislative scrutiny of the influencer marketing industry. Regulation goes beyond effective disclosure of creator advertising. It reaches into areas including crypto assets and the care influencer marketers must take to ensure they do not mislead consumers or are socially irresponsible in the way bitcoin or NFTs are promoted.”

Regulatory advice includes briefing marketers against misleading environmental claims. Marketers also have a duty of care to protect the young and the vulnerable.

Emphasising the duty of care that marketers have when it comes to protecting the young and vulnerable, IMTB has been working with Hashtag Ad Consulting since February trialling the REASSURE service.

Rupa Shah, founder and managing director of Hashtag Ad Consulting says, “I’m thrilled that Hashtag Ad is partnering with the Influencer Marketing Trade Body to provide this valuable service to members.

“Enquiries during the trial period have covered topics including substantiation for environmental claims on Instagram, commercial music use on YouTube, and exploring the boundaries of taste and decency on TikTok, so the service has already proven beneficial to members launching campaigns across a range of platforms”.

The launch of REASSURE is a hugely positive step toward ensuring that influencer marketing is regulated just as much as traditional advertising channels. In the long run, members will benefit greatly from the service, and the advice gained will make a mark on the industry and the way it continues to mature.

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