It’s no secret that Gen Z is taking over influencer marketing. 97% of Gen Z use some form of social media, and they are a highly engaged audience. Both Instagram and TikTok have the highest rate of engagement among Gen Z viewers.

What does that mean for your brand? It means that you NEED to be working with Gen Z on your influencer marketing campaigns.

Gen Z is on track to become the largest generation of consumers since 2018, which comes as no surprise considering they account for $29 to $143 billion in direct spending. Their rise in consumption in the last few years has had a massive impact on how brands approach their marketing.

The benefits of partnering with Gen Z influencers

  • Gen Z consumers are more inclined to be sceptical about brands, using an influencer they respect to promote your brand is the quickest way to win their trust.
  • 93% of parents say that their Gen Z child influences household purchases, if you win over the Gen Z then you’ve won over an entire household.
  • Gen Z is comprised of over two billion people globally and they are often the first to be in the know about new apps and social media platforms. When you partner with a Gen Z influencer you get not only their audience but their expertise as a tech-savvy member of their generation.

The easiest and most effective way for brands to reach Gen Z is by partnering with these influencers. As always, when formulating a brand partnership it is essential not to force an unnatural connection, but to create partnerships based on cohesive values and voice.

Let’s take a look at some of the top Gen Z influencers in their industries, to see what makes them the voices of their generation. What is it about them that we can’t stop watching? These intuitive content creators have mastered the seemingly impossible— turning their personal lifestyle into a brand itself.

Here are a few of our favourite Gen Z creators

Melanie Locke  (@melanie_locke): Melanie is Gen Z influencer who creates fashion, beauty, & lifestyle content while attending college. She is active on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Skyler Bouchard (@diningwithskyler): Skyler is a self-taught chef teaching Gen Z how to cook with “delicious + un-intimidating recipes for everyone.” She is active on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube and her vibrant personality can be seen in her seemingly effortless branded content.

Victoria Lyn (@victorialyn): Victoria creates beauty, skincare, and lifestyle content. With five million TikTok fans, she certainly has amassed an audience.

Monique Yvonne Jones (@moniqueyvonne): Monique is a Gen Z Social media personality and model known primarily for posting POV videos and digital creations on her TikTok and Instagram.

Ashley XU (@ashhasacamera): Ashley is known for her original commercials uploaded to her TikTok account. She uses her own camera and editing abilities to create advertisements and commercials for brands.

David Kim (@dxvidkim): David is a TikTok personality and content creator who is recognised for filming a variety of short-form videos as well as a creative photographer

Teejay Hughes (@teejayhughes): TeeJay is a creative photographer and content creator focused on fashion, travel, and lifestyle. He is “a travel-obsessed creator eager to make inspiring content that encourages others to travel more often, and more freely.”

Kyle Nutt (@kylenutt): Kyle is flawless when it comes to photography transitions and making the simplest thing look like magic.

Jennifer Zhang (@jenerationDIY): Jenn is a content creator primarily in the DIY and lifestyle niches. Her content is super creative and her energy shines in her videos!  She is active on Instagram and YouTube and also just came out with a song, Clean Up in Aisle 4.

These influencers and many more have garnered huge Gen Z followings and are able to provide brands with access to a newer, younger audience.  We believe that in 2022, the creator economy will continue to boom and that social commerce will jumpstart!

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