In July 2019, Dana created an account on TikTok, and within months, went viral twice after posting a mac and cheese demo followed by a baked donut demo, which had one million and four million views respectively within 24 hours. Ever since, Dana has immersed herself in her craft full time and thinks outside the box when it comes to her content with visually pleasing and often humorous content, such as her “three shades of pink” brownies, colour changing skincare, and Kardashian inspired facemask.

A budding entrepreneur, Dana produces, shoots, and edits her own content, regularly sharing a mix of beauty tutorials, fashion looks, and do-it-yourself baking content with her global audience. Trademarking her catch-phrase, “Should Look Like This,” Dana recognised early on that her social media platforms would be critical stepping stones to reach her end goal, a thriving lifestyle brand.

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