What is the Metaverse?

Firstly, for those who have managed to avoid the Metaverse conversations taking place all over social media, and in real life, it’s important to understand what it is, and what it means. The Metaverse blurs the lines between online and offline. On USA Today’s ‘5 Things’ podcast, they broke the definition down, making it easy for anyone to understand and relate to. Essentially, the Metaverse is an extension of real life. USA Today’s Mike Snider said: “Just as you now do banking and go to meetings and events virtually, eventually you, your avatar, will be able to do nearly everything in the virtual world that you do now in the real world.”

Take Facebook, now under Meta, for example, which is now creating virtual workplaces and other environments where you use a virtual reality headset to blend reality with workplace applications. In theory, everything that can now be done in the real world will eventually be able to be done in the virtual world – the Metaverse.

Influencer marketing in the Metaverse

So if everything is shifting into the Metaverse, this means influencer marketing will have to as well. With brands moving into the Metaverse too and embarking on Meta retail opportunities, influencer marketing could be the key to engaging consumers in Meta communities. Consumers will listen to the influencer they trust and follow their lead. For example, Gucci’s ‘Gucci Garden’ exhibition held in Roblox attracted over 19.9M visitors, and this is with the Metaverse still in its infancy, so with influencers and brands educating their consumers on the Metaverse’s opportunities, these engagement numbers will only rise.

What is Metafluence?

The influencer marketing space in the Metaverse, aka Metafluence, could address some of the challenges faced in influencer marketing such as data collection, payment issues, and fraudulent social media activity. By utilising the power of blockchain technology and building a space in the Metaverse where influencers, brands, and audiences can seamlessly engage and interact with each other in a digital world, there is potential for even more influencer empowerment.

Within the Metaverse, influencers could have the potential to reach even larger audiences than before. Influencers, consumers, and brands will be able to join real-time discussions, participate in different activities, attend certain events that could be out of reach in the ‘real world’. Our ecosystem will consist of several unique features, enabling the Metafluence to be a truly unprecedented place for all its users.

According to Martech Series, so far, Metafluence has already achieved several remarkable milestones and thrives to secure the next ones. Metafluence has been incubated and supported by Master Ventures (one of the well-known industry leaders) for two years. In addition, collaborations with other prominent industry experts in the growing influencer ecosystem are working to ensure that Metafluence will bring consumers, brands, and influencers an unparalleled experience.

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