Being surrounded by like-minded colleagues who you can bounce ideas off of in the office has many benefits for both creativity and social life. However, many of us can’t deny that sometimes catch-ups next to the office coffee machine may last a little bit longer than they should. Working from home allowed many people to discover that with minimal distractions, they were able to complete their usual workload quicker than they have done before.

Engage Hub, a Manchester and London-based social media and influencer marketing agency, are among those who have announced that it will be implementing the four-day working week. The four-day working week will initially launch as a pilot to be reviewed after six months.

Why implement a four-day working week?

The influencer marketing industry is one that is both creative and adaptable. Although nine-to-five working enables people to set routines, and shut off from work at the end of the day, the influencer marketing and content creator spheres are active 24/7. This suggests that many people in the industry would benefit from a more flexible working schedule.

Ray Sherlock, Founder of Engage Hub said: “The four-day working week is a key initiative in the agency’s wider work to drive forward and achieve our priorities on health & wellbeing, workplace inclusion and becoming a carbon negative business.

We’ve all become used to the nine-to-five, Monday to Friday toil but the pandemic has allowed us to reassess how all of our teammates live and work, helping us to focus on ways in which we can make things better.”

For some, returning to a regular nine-to-five, Monday to Friday office schedule will be welcome in regards to being able to connect in person with their colleagues, and separate work life and home life. However, it is clear that there are professional teams out there who can see potential benefits in becoming less regimented. Send us a tweet to @talkinfluence to let us know how you feel about the introduction of the four-day week within the influencer marketing industry.

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