By definition, first-party data is information that is collected directly from an audience or customers. In this case, the “audience” are the creators. By sourcing relevant information from the influencers directly, brands will have their own wealth of insights into target audiences and performance metrics, as well as a better understanding of an influencer’s interests to help create the most authentic partnerships.

The first-party data that will impact the influencer marketing industry consists of internal CRM data, social data, and results and feedback from first-party surveys.

Turning CRM data into scalable influencer campaigns

Almost every company has its own internal CRM database to house customer information. Now, imagine being able to use this previously established source of data to identify creators who may already, organically, be using a product or service. Historically, identifying these types of authentic brand advocates has always been a manual and time-consuming process, causing additional challenges when campaigns needed to scale.

However, thanks to forward-thinking integrations like Captiv8 and LiveRamp’s recent partnership, companies will now be able to leverage LiveRamp’s identity resolution technology to connect their first-party CRM data directly with over ten million+ influencers that are across Captiv8’s database. LiveRamp enables companies and their partners to better connect, control, and activate data to transform customer experiences and generate more valuable business outcomes.

Now, this powerful fusion of first-party data alongside Captiv8’s AI/ML influencer marketing platform allows marketers to discover authentic brand ambassadors, activate at scale, and optimise the performance of boosted brand content across social networks using LiveRamp’s third-party data segments.

Accessing the most accurate social data available

Every creator has their own set of personal data, per social channel, that they’re able to provide brands through archaic tactics like sharing screenshots. These standard metrics only scratch the surface of basic content performance metrics, general audience demographics, and follower growth. When companies partner with an advanced influencer marketing platform, like Captiv8, which has official API integrations with all major social media platforms, they’ll gain instant access to all the above data, plus more, without ever having to ask for another screenshot again. Through a partnership with Captiv8, marketers will have authenticated data such as engagement rate, earned media value, brand safety ratings, content sentiment, and deeper audience demographics like age and gender and average annual household income.

Sourcing influencer-first insights for increased authenticity

The key to effective influencer marketing, for all brands to keep in mind, is that they’re working with real humans rather than just another marketing channel. Influencers are more than just “demographics” or “affinities”. In order to build impactful relationships that last, brands need to turn to forward-thinking influencer marketing platforms, like Captiv8, which is consistently sourcing this type of first-party creator data.

By allowing companies to run their own, personalised surveys with top creators of their choice, marketers are able to uncover insights such as what causes/charities is an influencer passionate about? What keeps them up at night? What brands do they genuinely love and use? – which ensures that each and every partnership is as authentic, and scalable, as possible for both brands and creators.

A cookieless future is inevitable. Choosing the right platform partner that understands, and proactively prepares for the latest trends and updates, like Captiv8, will give brands the competitive edge to stay ahead in the constantly evolving industry of influencer marketing.

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