TikTok announced in February that the app would be an official global sponsor of the UEFA EURO 2020 (taking place in 2021 due to Covid delaying the tournament). This is the first time a  digital entertainment platform has partnered with the UEFA EURO, yet TikTok presents as the ideal platform for fans and players alike to share their passion during the important football event.

TikTok UEFA EURO 2020 Promo

The slogan and hashtag #wherefansplay encourages football enthusiasts to connect with their favourite football content creators, make football content, share their reactions and celebrations during the tournament. As well as user generated content surrounding the European Championships, UEFA EURO 2020 has launched an official TikTok account to further inspire and entertain millions of football fans worldwide with exclusive behind-the-scenes content as well as current and archival footage.

Tapping into a new market

Despite TikTok being one of the most downloaded apps in the world, available in more than 150 countries, and in 75 languages, many associate the app with a young teenage audience and dance challenges.

Harry Sims, founder of London based vintage shop Hartex, which specialises in vintage football shirts, believes that the partnership is a beneficial one for both TikTok and the UEFA EURO brand. Harry has personally been trying to leverage TikTok to raise brand awareness, and feels as though TikTok’s expansion into the world of football breaks the stigma that says the app is just for young teens who enjoy dancing and lip syncing.

He says: “TikTok are now tapping into the 25-40 audience who would typically mock the app. It’s a huge thing that they’re sponsoring the Euros, as they are confident that there will be enough of a reward in sponsoring such a big football event.”

Harry said how he now notices that his for you page is full of content surrounding football, the Euros specifically, which inspires him to share videos of the football merchandise he has on offer in his shop as he can see his target audience are emerging on the app.

He adds, “It’s interesting to learn how Euro content can be bumped up in the app, encouraging views and engagement. The official UEFA EURO 2020 TikTok posts are always at the top of my for you page. Conversations about football have always been very heavy on social media, and now TikTok have become a part of that culture surrounding the game.”

Now that TikTok has tapped into the new market of football fanatics, and has successfully rooted itself within the tournament, we could expect to see TikTok engage in more large sporting partnerships – The World Cup? The Olympic Games? It is clear that whatever the subject matter, TikTok successfully engages audiences and enables them to collectively celebrate what they love.

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