Gee has always been familiar with Patreon as a company, admiring how it really allows creators to get the credit they deserve whilst retaining creative freedom. When she saw that there was a role that would allow her to work on UK and Ireland Creator Partnerships for Patreon, she knew it would be perfect for her. Gee’s role allows her to thrive on being able to take a look inside people’s creative worlds, help them make money, and build communities.

Gee’s role, in summary, involves her supporting creators in the UK and Ireland to ensure they get the most out of their memberships. She works directly with creators who are at the initial ideas stage, right up until they launch and beyond. Throughout the pandemic, Gee has been focussing on the community side of the platform, as she feels that a sense of community is more important now than ever. Gee’s work allows creators to adapt and find new innovative ways to engage with fans, while generating financial security.

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