As well as our existing categories, the introduction of new awards aims to celebrate even more of the growing and thriving influencer marketing industry.

The Platform Awards

Among the new categories, we have created a whole new section that includes four awards: Best Use of YouTube, Best use of Instagram, Best use of TikTok, and Best Multi-Platform Campaign.

With the popularity and use of YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok only continuing to grow during the pandemic, we wanted to award and recognise platform-specific campaigns, as well as the best campaign integrated across multiple channels.

Recognising brands and agencies’ successful use and understanding of these social channels, of which many influencers are native to, celebrates how the industry continues to evolve and adapt to reflect consumer needs as circumstances change.

What are the judges looking for?

When judging these new categories and selecting the perfect winners for each award, judges will be looking for the most creative, best-in-class content.

The criteria in which the entries will be judged against ask the entrants to provide a clear outline of what their goals and objectives were for their YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok campaign. Entrants must provide any key performance indicators that were agreed to measure the campaign’s success. When looking at the campaign results submitted, judges will look at how you have cross-referenced back to your goals and objectives. You should demonstrate to judges how you met or exceeded these.

Within your entries, judges want to see a demonstration of how the campaign was planned and what, if any, collaboration took place. When submitting your awards, you must provide detail on any research undertaken, including the tools and technologies used and challenges that needed to be overcome.

Our judging panel wants to see smart execution, a unique and creative methodology that stands out from the competition. We would love for you to show judges how your campaign and its execution was innovative, and more than just best practice.

In regards to the Best Multi-Platform Campaign award, entries will be reviewed on the basis that the brand or campaign has used two or more platforms, for example, Instagram and TikTok. Podcasting is also considered a platform in this case. Entrants for this award must also follow the same protocol as the other awards in the category by outlining clear goals, methodology, and achievements.

Enter now

We have put together a handy video explaining how you can get all of the best tips and tricks for entering this year’s Influencer Marketing Awards. The deadline to submit your entries are as follows:

  • 08/04/202 – Earlybird
  • 15/04/21 – Regular
  • 29/04/21 – Last chance

You can access the full list of categories and familiarise yourself with the criteria when you download the entry kit. We look forward to receiving your entries ahead of the virtual awards ceremony on the 22nd July 2021. Good luck!

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