Facebook’s new product experimentation team has launched a content creation app exclusively for rappers – BARS. The app hosts professionally developed tools for rappers, including an auto-rhyme dictionary for beginners and a freestyle mode that generates random words for creators to develop into their unique rap.

The app has a library of beats and backing tracks that rappers on the app can write their own lyrics to and record 60-second rap videos over them. BARS will act as a tool for practice and development for would-be rappers who are struggling to access recording studios during the pandemic.

The app also acts as a platform for those who want to build a platform and gain exposure online, as BARS videos can be saved and shared across other social channels.

Tech Crunch has reported that TikTok has been acting as an attractive platform for musicians who want to grow. They said: “There’s already a large social community around rap on TikTok, and Facebook wants to shift some of that attention back its way.”

BARS beta launches today on the iOS App Store in the U.S., and is opening its waitlist. Facebook says it will open access to BARS invites in stages – updating those who are interested in via Instagram.

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