With more than 442 million monthly users, people visit Pinterest for aesthetic inspiration, creative tools, and ideas for everyday living.

Previously, users could only see creator stories by directly visiting their profiles. The app first introduced this feature in September 2020. Users will now be able to see stories of people they follow via a carousel on the home page, similar to the likes of Instagram and Facebook.

As well as users being able to view the stories of creators they follow, the ‘discover creators’ feature on the carousel will allow users to view stories from similar accounts.

Unlike social media apps where stories are posted mostly for entertainment and disappear after twenty-four hours, Pinterest users can save stories from the creators they follow to use for inspiration at a later date.

Beneficial for creators

For Pinterest creators, building a following means constructing an engaged audience who can remain in the loop with their posts and latest updates. The addition of the story carousel on the home page means that creators who post to their stories regularly will always end up on top of their audiences’ feeds.

The new feature will allow influencers to further build audiences and curate more unique content on the platform. Pinterest isn’t commonly recognised as an influencer marketing or influencer native platform. However, this additional feature makes the app more similar to other social media platforms on the internet.

This development could mean that we may begin to become more familiar with influencers who are native to Pinterest. Considering the fact that Pinterest hosts content for target audiences at all end of the scale, from parents of young children to those with a passion for couture fashion or home baking, we may begin to see a wide audience heading to Pinterest as their go-to social platform.

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