The holidays are upon us and this means brainstorming different ways we can use our marketing budget to promote our holiday campaigns. If influencer marketing activations are not part of your marketing budget than it’s the best time to make it a top priority now.

Collaborating with influencers for your holiday campaign have a lot of potentials. Below are some fun ways you can work with influencers to make your campaign talked about and memorable.

As the holiday slowly approaches, many brands will be looking to influencers to position their products as great holiday gifts. If your brand is looking to amplify the reach of its product for the holiday season, consider reaching out to influencers to see if they would like to feature your product in their holiday gift guide. Influencers usually start gathering ideas for their gift guides one or even two months’ in advance, so you want to make sure when pitching influencers that you pitch them either in the middle of October or early November.

2. Send your latest holiday products to be reviewed in their blog

Influencer drops are a great way to build hype and create a conversation around your product. For the holiday season, if your brand is looking to raise awareness about its latest holiday products, consider doing an influencer drop with the top five local influencers from your industry. The best way to execute the influencer drop would be first to send out a personalized pitch to the influencer inquiring whether they would be interested in receiving your product and also potentially reviewing it for their blog or social. In the pitch, be sure to mention, what the product is, when it was released and ask what is the best delivery date and address for the package.

3. Invite them to your virtual holiday previews

Events are a great way to showcase your new products. Events also provide an experience for your guests to positively interact with your products. However, due to COVID-19 and strict social distancing measures implemented by our public health authorities, many businesses have pivoted their events to online. What is great about virtual events are you can keep costs low without worrying about food and beverage, venue, transportation or décor.

If your brand is looking to host a virtual holiday event to promote its new products, consider inviting influencers to your virtual event. Influencers can help your brand with promoting its event by sharing Stories, photos and live feeds to show their followers some of the highlights from the event. After your virtual event, consider sending your top local influencers some swag bags with a few of your product, so that they can create some nice content for their social or their blog.

4. Invite them to do a Q&A with your holiday brand expert

Q&A’s are a great way to engage your audience, find out more about a topic or ask questions to learn about fun facts about a product or service. If your brand is looking to increase their spokesperson or brand expert’s coverage, consider reaching out to your top local influencers. Pitch them your ideas around the fun ways you would like to collaborate with them in the form of a Q&A. This collaboration could be in the form of a video for the influencers YouTube, IGTV, for their Instagram or LinkedIn Stories or blog.

5. Ask them to review your products for their video with your brand expert

Product reviews are a great way to learn more about a product, learn about its pros and cons, secretes to using the product better or caring for it. If your brand wants to increase awareness about a specific product for the holiday season, consider pitching influencers especially YouTubers on collaborating with your brand expert on a product review video. In your pitch, remember to clearly mention the type of ideas you have for the video such as will the brand expert do a demo on how to use the product better or show cool features about the product.

6. Share your fun holiday contests

Running a holiday contest? Contests are a great way to engage with your audience, earn new followers and boost awareness about your brand. If your brand is doing a holiday contest, consider sharing the contest information with your top local influencers. Influencers are always open to getting new content for their social or blog. Email your influencers the details of your contest, how people can enter and from which regions people can participate. In your pitch ask the influencer whether they would be open to mentioning your holiday contest in their upcoming bog, videos or Stories.

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