TikTok has partnered with brand safety platform OpenSlate to “ensure a positive and safe environment” for brand partners advertising on the platform. Through the partnerships, TikTok says brands can feel “confident and comfortable” that their ads will be served alongside brand-safe content.

With the introduction of the TikTok Brand Safety Solution, verified by OpenSlate, the platform can apply a high level of safety to verify and filter a variety of content and categories that appear next to branded ads and content. This partnership empowers brands to know and track where their ads are running through pre-campaign solutions as well as with post-campaign analytics.

“TikTok provides a platform for brands to engage and connect with a creative, authentic, and joyful community,” said Melissa Yang, head of ecosystem partnerships, TikTok. “We’re continuously scaling and evolving our advertising solutions to meet the important needs of our brand partners. Our partnership with OpenSlate provides brands with the confidence and transparency to know that their ads are always delivered alongside brand safe content and that risks are mitigated.”

TikTok says its partnership with OpenSlate ensures that brands can reach, connect and engage with the community in a “real way.”

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