Today, Australian influencer MarTech startup, Q-83, has launched its new talent and collaboration management hub, Kitly Business and Kitly app for talent, following a strategic partnership with influencer marketing agency, The FIFTH.

Two of the biggest challenges faced by marketers running influencer campaigns are – difficulty measuring the effectiveness of a campaign over an extended period of time (47%) and identifying the right influencers (37%) according to survey results stated in the IAB YouGov Report.

In a drive to simplify and professionalise the way talent, brands and agencies manage and execute partnerships, Kitly Business addresses these challenges.

According to Q-83, beta testing showed engagement increased by over 100% in the weeks and months after a campaign ended. Using Kitly Business, brands and agencies for the first time will be able to continually measure long-tail campaign performance and help optimise ROI.

Launched in the UK today, Q-83 hopes Kitley Business will help marketers manage multiple talent and campaign activations from one place. Marketers can assign individual deliverables that feed through to the talent’s app to keep on top of deadlines. Once the campaign is live, marketers can then create single reports to track and monitor the success of a campaign with access to accurate performance-metrics in real-time – these reports can easily be shared with clients via the hub.

Kitly is the influencer-facing version, where talent can link their social media accounts and access a suite of tools to manage and measure brand collaborations to drive real revenue. This includes running reports, creating invoices and keeping on top of account performance.

“Kitly Business will help us take a more professional approach and create greater campaign efficiencies. We back and believe in what Kitly Business stands for and will continue to support them in their goals to make influencer marketing more accountable,” said Jess Markwood, content and strategy director, The FIFTH.

“The app offers talent of all sectors a hub to efficiently create, manage and share everything an agency or brand can, and usually does request before, during and after a campaign. While the sector has established itself as a primary marketing channel in a short space of time, we see Kitly and Kitly Business as the first steps in professionalising the industry by creating transparent and efficient lines of communication between talent, their agents and agencies and brands. We’re incredibly excited to launch our new suite to bring brands and talent together to drive greater campaign effectiveness and ultimately deliver the real ROI,” commented Anthony Richardson, MDof Q-83.

Q-83 has been shortlisted for ‘Best Campaign Management Tool’ at the virtual Influencer Marketing Awards, which takes place today at 4pm BST. Register now to watch live this afternoon.

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