New content series, In This Together, aims to shine a light on the good the influencer industry is doing to help the wider community, help spread a little much-needed positivity, encourage others to do something similar, and showcase how brilliantly creative and reactive our industry is.

First up is The Fifth, which joined a growing team of volunteers who built the open-data Frontline.Live platform to support frontline healthcare workers to communicate what personal protective equipment (PPE) they need in real-time. They want to enlist the help of influencers to raise awareness and use of the platform.

The initiative

In a fast-moving, complex crisis, it is difficult for decision-makers to have all the information they need to get the right supplies where they are needed most. Front.Live was built to ensure this happens. To support, The Fifth is generating a call to arms for influencers, talent agencies, journalists and more to be a part of the awareness campaign to make a genuine impact across the nation. The whole project is a pro bono effort by all but given the cause, they hope people will be keen to show their support.

“Collectively, as an industry, we have the ability to influence the world and there’s never been a more paramount time for us to join forces and work together to show support in whatever ways we can,” said Oliver Lewis, CEO and founder of The Fifth.

Supporting the community

“In the midst of this crisis we all need to help where we can to keep our key care workers safe. We have seen over the past month just how much of a positive impact influencers have on people’s lives, with that trusted voice, comes some responsibility and so many are stepping up to help.

“We are calling on everyone with access to talent or a social voice across the industry to come together to use the weight of their influence to help support suppliers across the country get PPE to those that need it most,” commented Lewis.

How to help Frontline.Live and The Fifth calling healthcare workers with influence to share a post on their Instagram, Twitter or Facebook telling their followers about the service and encouraging them to share it with their colleagues, friends, family and anyone who is a frontline worker.

The ask is simple – tweet a selfie with ALL of the following hashtags #FrontlineMap
#PPEneed @FrontlineMap to ensure the right supplies are being delivered to where they are needed most. There’s no need to submit content for approval, no need for talent to reference The Fifth and no need for #AD disclosure. Just tag @FrontlineMap and #FrontlineMap and clearly explain the simple instructions for how healthcare workers can share their PPE needs.

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