French influencer startup Hivency has raised €4 million to expand its team and become a leader in micro-influencer and customer advocacy marketing technology.  The funding from Alliance Entreprendre, Pauline Duval, CEO of the Duval group and business angels will allow the company to increase its current team of 60 employees to 100 employees. The company previously received €2.5 million euros of funding in 2018 and this year aims to improve the entire customer journey by focusing on social proof and become an automated tool for managing customers, brand ambassadors and influencers.

“We are going beyond our initial focus of ‘micro-influencer marketing’ to concentrate on the entire customer journey and the applicable dimensions of influencer marketing,” the company said on LinkedIn.

“We are continuing our path with conviction beyond the marketing influence as practiced so far. This is the direction taken by the development of our product, which will accelerate thanks to this new levy, ” said Dorian Ciavarella, CEO of Hivency, in a statement.

The Hivency solution allows brands to identify relevant influencers, engage customers, manage collaborations and optimise micro-influencer marketing and customer advocate programs. The platform boasts a community of 80,000 micro-influencers, and 200,000 nano influencers in 137 countries including Germany, France and Spain. The company has worked with brands such as L’Oréal, Sephora, and TF1.

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