Congratulations on winning the Most Effective Campaign for ROI award. What has changed for you since winning the award?

Winning the award last year was a huge achievement for us and a great way to showcase our results-focused approach. Since then we have continued to grow as an agency and have had the opportunity to work with some really exciting non-endemic brands (such as BoohooMAN and some others we can’t talk about just yet) on their entry into gaming and esports. Having taken on some big new clients, we’ve also been able to expand the team – our headcount has gone from seven to double figures in a matter of months.

Why do you think events like the Influencer Marketing Awards are so vital for the industry?

As influencer marketing is still growing and evolving, it’s also still in the process of being recognised as a legitimate form of marketing, as there is still a widespread lack of understanding across the industry. Having awards that are specific to our sector, which is judged by true experts in the field is monumental for us in getting the recognition we deserve and showcasing the results that social and influencer marketing can yield.

In your opinion, what makes an award-winning campaign?

An award-winning campaign needs to demonstrate three key elements: innovativity, creativity, and smart execution. It is especially important to be able to demonstrate the success of your campaign and how it went above and beyond what is just best practice. Additionally, it needs to be extremely clear what metrics you had in place to measure success.

What challenges did you face in your campaign and how did you overcome them?

With our KFC Gaming campaign, we were entering a non-endemic brand into the gaming community, so our biggest challenge was communicating authentically to the gaming audience. Gamers are very savvy as consumers and are extremely cynical of brands or corporations that seem inauthentic in their attempts to speak to them – so it was essential to utilise our understanding of gaming culture and its nuances in order to target this audience.Our campaign consisted of sending bespoke care packages to influencers, which also presented challenges as influencers are not huge fans of earned-media and promoting a newly launched sub-brand at zero-cost; they know their considerable value and rarely do anything for free these days. However, we pride ourselves on our best-in-class influencer relationships, going far beyond an email outreach or a cold call. We advised our influencer partners of the launch, and their desire to build goodwill and be a part of such an exciting journey did the rest. 

If you think you’ve delivered a campaign worthy of an award, download the entry kit today. The final entry deadline closes midnight November 27.

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