As a headline sponsor of the 2019 Influencer Marketing Show, we caught up with Tagger Media’s CEO Dave Dickman to find out what he’s looking forward to at the event next month and why he thinks data privacy in the age of influencer marketing needs to be discussed on stage.

This is your first time as a headline sponsor of the Influencer Marketing Show – what are you most looking forward to at this year’s event?

Last year we were so honored to receive the gold award for Industry Choice: Technology & Saas at the Influencer Marketing Awards earlier this year. Since then, we’ve developed amazing relationships, shared exciting ideas, and connected with other thought leaders in our industry. We’re thrilled to be able to keep the momentum going this year.

Your session at the show is on data privacy in the age of influencer marketing. Why do you feel this topic is important to discuss at the show?

This topic is so vital to the future of influencer marketing. From our perspective as consumers and users of social media and technology, we want to be sure our data is protected and handled responsibly. As a service provider in the influencer marketing industry, we want to be very efficient in how we use meaningful data to match the right influencers with brands and products while taking the strictest precautions in protecting their privacy.

Why do you think the Influencer Marketing Show is the best place to discuss your findings and insight into this topic?

We see the show as a unique opportunity to connect with and learn from other thought leaders in our industry. It’s truly a cross-section of individuals and companies that are all interested in creating a bright future for influencer marketing.

In your opinion, what ways can brands best use data to better connect influencers and audience?

Efficient planning and data analysis are absolutely key in connecting brands to the right influencers with the highest-quality audience. With the right tools, brands can analyse their target audience’s behavior to see which influencers they are most likely to connect with. Similarly, brands can analyse influencers’ data to see if they’re the best fit to deliver the engagement and ROI they expect.

How can platforms, agencies, and brands protect data from being compromised and what is the biggest cost when it goes wrong?

Maintaining the integrity of data is a shared responsibility between social media platforms, users, brands, and ourselves (i.e. influencer marketing SaaS platforms). Data encryption, firewalls, security measures, authentification protocols; these are just some of the steps that must be taken by all of us to ensure data remains protected. If we don’t make data security a priority, we are putting brands’ integrity and consumers’ privacy rights at risk. 

Lastly, with Q4 on the horizon, what industry developments should we look out for in the coming months?

You’ll absolutely see spending in the influencer marketing space accelerate across a variety of verticals. As spending increases, more brands and agencies will be looking for SaaS tools to manage their strategies and additional investments. 

See Tagger take to the stage on Day 1 at this year’s Influencer Marketing Show.

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