Valentine’s Day presents the ideal opportunity for brands to run engaging, innovative campaigns with influencers. This is proven in indaHash’s international study of over 1,000 digital influencers looking at their spending habits around the annual event, which found that 91% of influencers celebrate Valentine’s Day when in a relationship, while 50% celebrate it when they are single. It’s not all about romantic love though as42% of respondents bought a gift for their friends, 38% for themselves and 12% for their pet. Although it can also be a reminder of love lost or loneliness, these different purchase habits encourage advertisers to think outside of the box and connect with consumers in new ways by harnessing the power of influencers around this commercial day.

Influencers’ shopping habits

Deciding what to buy can be a tricky task but the study revealed 60% of influencers prefer experiences over material gifts for Valentine’s Day, reflecting millennials’ preference of experiences. 63% of influencers wait for brands’ Valentine’s Day deals before they buy them, with 54% of influencers shopping for gifts online. The study also found that 72% of influencers would look to other influencers for gift inspiration over the likes of TV ads, magazines and brand websites, proving the value of using influencers in your campaign.

When it comes to promoting products, 70% post sponsored Valentine’s Day posts on their Instagram feed, while 30% prefer publishing on Instagram Stories.

By harnessing the power of influencers around Valentine’s Day and taking into account their shopping habits, brands can reach consumers in new ways so they can become part of your brand experience.

Valentine’s Day campaigns we <3

Daniel Wellington

Watch producer Daniel Wellington has gifted influencers with promotional codes to be used for Valentine’s Day gifts and posts created so far have been beautiful.

Garnier USA

Garnier hosted its first-ever meet and greets on the nonofficial Galentine’s Day (February 13) at various Walmart locations across the country with influencers and celebrities #GarnierGirls.

Victoria’s Secret

Luxury lingerie company launched a Valentine’s Day campaign promoting their products and launched a Bombshell Wild Flower perfume #VSBombshell on February 5, just in time for the big day.;

Viktor and Rolf fragrances

The fragrance company paired up with Chiara Ferragni to promote their favourite #flowerbomb fragrances as all you need is the power of flowers in one fragrance for Valentine’s Day.  


Watch brand Cluse has created dedicated Valentine’s hashtag, #CLUSElovestoriesand as a result generated some beautiful content. Last year’s campaign was so successful they used the same hashtag again this year.

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