We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with PerformanceIN to bring you our first ever Influencer Marketing Buyer’s Guide, introducing the best tech platforms and agencies within the industry to kick-start your campaigns.Are you an advertiser stepping into the world of influencer marketing for the first time and unsure about where to start? The Influencer Marketing Buyer’s Guide 2019 is the place to discover the top influencer marketing tech platforms and agencies – from their locations and unique selling points to their main competencies to help you start working on building your professional relationship.This guide is designed to help you navigate the platforms and agencies currently in the space, allowing you to make informed decisions on which companies, tools and influencers are best-suited to your campaigns.“The influencer marketing industry is ever changing and as such everyone needs to keep abreast of the changes. This guide highlights some of the key businesses in this exciting industry that I feel you need to be aware of if wanting to run successful campaigns that are engaging and bring measurable results.”​

Chris Henley

sales manager, Influencer Marketing Show.Download Your Free Copy of the Influencer Marketing Buyer’s Guide 2019
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