Influencer marketing agency Hypetap has created an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that helps brands connect with the most relevant influencers.

Using Amazon’s image recognition service, Amazon Rekognition, Hypetap’s new AI offering will help brands identify objects, people, scenes and activities in social media content.The image search tool hunts influencers based on specific objects posted in their social posts to identify which influencers are best suited for brands and the objectives of each campaign. The aim of the tool is to help brands broaden the talent pool and find authentic influencers that will be able to achieve the campaign objectives. “Artificial intelligence already forms the backbone of how we vet and select influencers for campaigns,” commented Hypetap’s chief technology officer Dhruv Singh.“Selecting influencers is one of the most important parts of the influencer marketing process, but it’s often skimmed over because, without the correct set of tools, it’s time-consuming,” said Detch Singh, founder and co-CEO at Hypetap.“We’ve spent years developing tools to analyse social content to assist with selecting the best influencers for a particular campaign. It means only influencers who fit the brief, have an authentic interest in the subject matter and will garner the kind of response brands are trying to achieve, are put forward for campaigns,” he continued.“Brand-influencer alignment is stronger, resulting in more effective, authentic campaigns. It also opens up new avenues to reach highly engaged, influential content creators a brand might otherwise not be aware of,” Singh concluded. The new AI tool has already been used in beta and is now automatically incorporated as part of the influencer selection process for all brands working with Hypetap. It follows on from the latest addition to Hypetap’s suite of products, including its proprietary brand alignment suite, which helps look for influencers that best align with brands and the objectives of each campaign.
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