In case you missed it earlier this month, we launched our first ever Influencer 50 a yearly roundup and definitive list highlighting some of the most important and influential people making a difference to the influencer marketing industry on a global scale. We’ve been getting lots of questions and feedback in regards to the inaugural list so we thought we would collate the most frequently asked questions to put you at ease and enable you to submit the right candidate.

What are the criteria for entering the Influencer 50?

Firstly, the Influencer 50 is not an award or ceremony, it is an industry-led online list hosted by Talking Influence, showcasing 50 individuals within the influencer marketing that have really made a difference to the industry over the course of 2018 whether that’s by implementing a piece of technology, driving a campaign that has changed the way people view the industry or inspiring positive action to overcome key challenges facing the industry today.Companies or representatives are encouraged to nominate those who they think have made a significant difference to the industry over the last 12 months.All entries will be assessed based on the reasons provided in the submission form. We will be specifically looking out for any criteria that shows evidence of how that individual has helped change or shape the industry.*Please note, candidates can not nominate themselves to be featured in the list. A representative within a company, however, can nominate someone from their platform or agency.

Who can be nominated for the Influencer 50?

Individuals within the industry representing a company (whether a platform or agency) can be nominated for the Influencer 50.

Is the list ranked?

The Influencer 50 is not a ranked list from one to 50, it is a collated roundup of 50 individuals who will be represented equally in their respective fields.

The judging process?

The editorial team at Talking Influence and the internal team over at PerformanceIN will be judging the process of the nominations and ultimately deciding on the 50 candidates to be featured in the final list.

When is the Influencer 50 released?

Final date TBC but the Influencer 50 list will be published on Talking Influence early December.

We hope we’ve answered some of your pressing questions about the Influencer 50. If you have any further questions, please contact

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