Branded Entertainment Network, a company that connects global brands to consumers through the power of popular entertainment, announced it has developed deep learning neural networks to help brand marketers better predict and improve the success of their brand campaigns across premium influencer, streaming, TV, and film content.BEN’s custom-built neural networks provide predictive analytics so brand marketers will be able to increase campaign effectiveness and ROI. The neural networks are already being used in campaigns and enhancing BEN’s ability to predict campaign performance. “Given the vast amount of programming available to audiences, it is imperative that brands begin to use deep learning neural networks to understand the reasons why certain content effectively engages their target audience, and to do so at scale,” said Ricky Ray Butler, CEO of BEN. “We have always been driven by a combination of data, technology and industry expertise. The deep learning neural networks we’ve created, which have been specifically built to increase our internal efficiency and to meet the needs of entertainment marketing, give us the ability to design custom solutions for our clients to help meet their individual needs and ensure they remain miles ahead of their competition,” he continued. By combining structured data (performance and ROI metrics) with unstructured data (audio and video contained in film, TV or social media content) BEN’s neural networks aims to improve marketers’ ability to predict and identify the factors that drive better results from their entertainment marketing campaigns. Millions of pieces of content are created every year, so it is vital that brands look to deep learning to handle the huge volumes of information within unstructured data. In addition, audiences are increasingly hard to reach through traditional ads and content is expanding globally across platforms, so brands are looking to get inside the content itself through influencer marketing and brand integration as a way to reach audiences in authentic ways. In order to make sense of all this content at their fingertips, marketers are turning to artificial intelligence to understand how their campaigns are performing. BEN will bring more sophisticated measurement to the entertainment marketing industry as AI continues to rise to the forefront. This brings a whole new level of sophistication for marketing, especially influencer marketing, which isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.
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