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Married at First Sight UK

OMD UK and Channel 4's strategic approach transformed the show's third season launch in autumn 2023 into a resounding success. By employing a two-phase framework of 'dramatise the drama' and 'get our fans fangirling', OMD UK drove unprecedented engagement and viewership.

Leveraging innovative paid social strategies across Meta, TikTok, and YouTube, they introduced MAFS couples and showcased key moments, captivating audiences and igniting conversations.

The result? MAFS UK became the most streamed show across all broadcasters in October 2023, with a staggering 95% increase in streaming compared to the previous year.

OMD UK's campaign not only exceeded industry norms but also surpassed campaign objectives, leaving audiences captivated and streaming rates soaring.

Judges Comments

“Excellent use of first party data and innovative approach. Bravo!”

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