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Global + Local Unlocks Extraordinary Growth for H&M and Rakuten Advertising

Together, H&M and Rakuten have set a new standard for success.

They engineered a transformative affiliate programme, spanning 40 markets, merging international efficiency with localised customisation. Utilising Rakuten's cutting-edge technology, the joint team meticulously crafted a "global + local" strategy, integrating market-level budget forecasts and dynamic commission structures.

This collaboration birthed innovative systems to optimise tiered commissions, incentivise valuable customers, and closely monitor spending. With clear objectives for each market, the programme achieved exceptional results: soaring registered customer acquisitions, reduced cost per conversion, and aggressive sales targets met.

The partnership's success not only exceeded revenue goals but showcased the potency of a unified global affiliate strategy, coupled with market-level innovation. H&M and Rakuten Advertising's extraordinary growth story epitomises the power of a symbiotic partnership, setting a paradigm for global brand success.

Judges Comments

“The partnership between H&M and Rakuten Advertising excelled in all categories, showcasing clear objectives, innovation, a strong human touch, smart execution, and impressive results.”

Deep Dive / Q&A

Hello Partner: How does it feel to win this award tonight?
Rhianna Kerr, Rakuten Advertising: Amazing! So good.

HP: Your team has picked up a lot of awards tonight! How does it feel to win so many trophies at the GPMAs?
Rhianna Kerr: Really good. This one is my personal favourite because it's so close to home.

The Global Performance Marketing Awards 2023 was held in association with ad4mat

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