Today’s guest is founder of tbh talent, Verity Park.

Verity has worked in the influencer marketing space since 2017, which is when she joined Gleam Futures as a talent coordinator. During her time at Gleam, Verity worked with some of the UK’s most prestigious digital talent including Grace Beverley, and Olivia Neill – eventually working her way up to the role of Senior Talent Manager.

This year, Verity has started a brand new venture. Using the knowledge she has gained over the past few years, and her passion for supporting up-and-coming talent, Verity has launched tbh talent and the tbh community.

The tbh community is a truly unique subscription to an extremely affordable digital management agency, which Verity launched to lower the entry barriers into the content creator space.

At just $15 for a monthly subscription, members can join drop-in group sessions with an influencer manager, digital written ‘ask the expert’ advice, pitch themselves to brands for paid and gifted campaigns, connect with like-minded influencers, and access a huge pool of information provided by influencer marketing experts!

The tbh community has reopened for enrolment today for 24hrs only. If you’re listening after the 1st of September you can sign up for tbh’s email list ready for the October intake!

Listen now!

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