Meta is in a true experimentation phase at the moment, saying goodbye to old features and introducing new ones in order to develop its platforms in order to firmly position itself as THE giant in the social media space.

Last week, Reels were the hot topic, and this week we look at news of another video service being introduced by Meta – Super. This is not a spur-of-the-moment project from Meta, as the product has reportedly been in the planning and development stages since 2022, with a pitch deck released to influencers in 2021.

It’s unsurprising that we are expecting a release of a livestreaming platform from Meta, as we are well aware that the Meta team are always keeping up with the latest social platform offerings that are taking the lead and setting the pace in the market.

So far, in its testing phase, Super is a web-only app that doesn’t require any software installation. Viewers are able to watch for free if they just wish to connect digitally with their favourite creators, but there are also the options for fans to make a variety of interactive digital purchases during a livestream.

The latest competition

With multiple creators including tech influencer Andru Edwards and TikTok star Vienna Skye having tested the new ‘Super’ product, it is reported to look similar and have similar functionality to Twitch, a long-standing streaming platform that also works on both a free and subscription basis.

For viewers who want more from the livestreams they watch, there are opportunities to get involved with interactive trivia games with the host and other paid-for features that elevate the audience’s experience and allow for the creator/host to monetise their streams.

Meta may have backtracked on its live shopping offering, but live video content is not being scrapped completely as Super allows for a more authentic live experience, focussing more on developing relationships and trust between creators and viewers than converting consumers.

We will be staying tuned and continuing to report on updates about Super, as well as Meta’s regular feature updates to hopefully elevate Meta platforms for users and content creators alike.

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